Lesson Plan #6: Learn Advanced Shots in Pocket Billiards

This is another advanced concept that teaching some of the advanced shots in pool. However, before you learn these advanced shots, it is imperative that you are able to execute basic shots with consistency. Trying to learn these advanced shots without a knowing the basic shots would be an exercise of futility – trust me. If you have gone this far, then you should know that you need to do the exercises provided to execute the skill(s) you learn on a consistent basis.

You can also keep track of your progress by downloading a checklist document for Lesson Plan #6.

Student must have completed:
Lesson Plan #1: Learn the fundamentals of Pocket Billiards
Lesson Plan #2: Learn How to Aim and pocket object balls
Lesson Plan #3: Learn the Three Basic Shots in Pool
Lesson Plan #4: Learn the Basics of Controlling the Cue Ball
Lesson Plan #5: Understanding English or Side Spin

If you have completed the pre-requisites, please continue to the specific articles below. Otherwise, please take the required Lesson plan(s) first.

  1. LESSON 6.1: Combination ShotLesson Outline
    · Introduction
    · Aiming a Combination Shot
    · Video Demonstration: Aiming a Combination Shot
    · When to shoot a Combination Shot
    · When to opt for a Safe instead of a Combination Shot
    Start Lesson 6.1
  2. LESSON 6.2: Frozen Ball CombinationLesson Outline
    · What is a Frozen Ball Combo Shot?
    · Frozen Ball Combination and Throw
    · Video Demonstration
    · Effect of “Throw” at Long Distances
    Start Lesson 6.2
  3. LESSON 6.3: What is a Billiard Shot?Lesson Outline
    · Introduction
    · Billiard Shot and the Tangent Line
    · Billiard Shot and Draw
    · Billiard Shot and Follow
    · Billiard Shot and English
    · Levels of Difficulty
    · Practice Makes you Better
    · Video Demonstration
    Start Lesson 6.3
  4. LESSON 6.4: What is a Carom Shot?Lesson Outline
    · Introduction
    · How to Aim a Carom Shot
    · Frozen Ball Carom (On or Off?)
    · Levels of Difficulty
    · Video Demonstration
    Start Lesson 6.4
  5. LESSON 6.5: How to Execute a Jump ShotLesson Outline
    · Introduction
    · Legal and Illegal Jump Shot
    · Partially Blocked Cue Ball Jump Shot
    · Fully Blocked Cue Ball Jump Shot
    · Video Demonstration
    Start Lesson 6.5
  6. LESSON 6.6: The 9-Ball BreakArticles
    · The 9-Ball Break
    · Controlling the 9-Ball Break
    · How to be consistent at making the wing ball on the 9-Ball Break

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