Lesson Plan #4: Learn the Basics of Controlling the Cue Ball

This lesson plan is the next logical step to take after you have learned the 3 basic shots in pocket billiards. With the knowledge of the 3 basic shots, this lesson plan will go deeper into showing you the concept of controlling the cue ball using the 3 basic shots in the pool. Lastly, let me remind you again that it is highly recommended that you do the exercises provided to execute the skill(s) you learn on a consistent basis.

You can also keep track of your progress by downloading a checklist document for Lesson Plan #4.


The student must have completed:
Lesson Plan #1: Learn the fundamentals of Pocket Billiards
Lesson Plan #2: Learn How to Aim and pocket object balls
Lesson Plan #3: Learn the Three Basic Shots in Pool

If you have completed the pre-requisites, please continue to the specific articles below. Otherwise, please take the required Lesson plan(s) first.

  1. LESSON 4.1: How to execute a Stun ShotLesson Outline
    · Definition
    · The 90 degree angle
    · Video Demonstration
    · Additional Reading (Optional): The Stop Shot
    Start Lesson 4.1
  2. LESSON 4.2: Using Draw for PositionLesson Outline
    · Definition
    · Video Demonstration
    · Additional Reading (Optional): The Draw Shot
    Start Lesson 4.2
  3. LESSON 4.3: Follow Shot and cue ball directionLesson Outline
    · Definition
    · Video Demonstration
    · Additional Reading (Optional): The Follow Shot
    Start Lesson 4.3

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