The Mental Game

Like any other sport, them mental part of the game is what sets apart the good from the great. As you step into the advanced levels you will need to strengthen your mental resolve to have an advantage over your (also) advanced opponent. This section contains articles that pertain to understanding and improving your mental …

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Game plan for Safety Play

After deciding to play a safe, a lot of players have no idea of what to do next. Listed below are some of the criteria I use for executing a safety and hints for good safety play. CRITERIA Snooker or hide opponent so he cannot shoot directly at the object ball. Do not put the …

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Speed and Cue Ball Direction

Speed is a very important aspect for cue ball control. This lesson discusses more into detail about how the speed of stroke changes the direction of the cue ball after it hits the object ball. The illustrations will let you clearly see where the cue ball generally goes after hitting it on the same spot …

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