Some Great Traps and better Escape

Over the years I’ve seen some amazing traps and safeties and some even better escapes. I wanted to share some of these amazing shots and the replies with you. This is pool at the highest level. I’ve tried to credit who did the shot where I can remember.

Here is the first trap. I can’t remember the player, but Shane Van Boening had the situation on the bottom of the screen. By slow rolling the ball, his opponent left Shane corner hooked by the side pocket.

Shane’s reply was sheer brilliance. He slow kicked at the 8, and the results are in the next diagram. His opponent hit away and left Shane with an easy kick. Wow!

Next up was a match I saw on TV while in Asia. I didn’t understand the commentary or who the players where. However, the move and reply was top drawer pool.

With ball in hand and on one foul, the first player gently rolled the 6 into the cluster. The incoming player was on two fouls and he had ball in hand. Even with ball in hand, he had no way to hit the two.

He shot one of the most creative shots I have ever seen in a pool match. He hit a jump shot that landed just behind the two and the rail!! The amazing thing was he made the hit. What a great shot. I wish I knew who the players were. I can’t even remember what happened after that as I was so amazed by that shot.

This final escape happened years ago, but I still remember it to this day. The first player took a free swing at the nine and left the cue ball on the six. The incoming player was looking at this trap.

His reply was a stroke of genius. He kicked at the one rail first with a little right spin. He did this jacked up!! What a reward. The incoming player was left hooked behind the three and no easy options to escape.

So what can we learn from these traps and escapes? We have had a side pocket corner hook, a slow kick, a cluster tie up with ball in hand, a jump into a cluster shot to make a good hit, and a long jacked up kick to a safety. Wow, this is some creative pool.

Keep practicing and see you on the road.

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