There has been a lot written about the pool stance and I don’t want to cover stuff that has already been written about. What I want to do though is to give you the three basic stance feet positions and what to look for to determine if you are standing correctly for your height and body type. There are three basic stance positions, first open to the shot in the traditional snooker stance, closed to the shot with a line through your big toes parallel to the shot, and finally with your feet on a 45 degree angle to the shot. Now a lot of people cover this material, but what is left out is how to determine what is best for you.

Here is how to determine what is best for your stance. First, find a table that has the head line drawn on it. If you can’t, you can use a ruler and make a chalk mark. Having a perfectly straight line to use as a guide is important for this process.

Now what I want you to do is to start with a snooker stance and stroke back and forth over the spot. Your cue stick will go either to the left of the line, over the line or to the right of the line. Now I want you to go to a 45 degree stance and repeat the process. Finally, go to a completely closed stance and stroke again.

At some point in this process, your feet will be in a position that when you stroke the cue stick, it goes naturally down the line. This my friend is the correct place for your feet. If it feels comfortable, great, if not, you have some practicing to do. Make sure you can repeat where you put your feet and make a conscious effort to develop this position.

The next step in this process is to put your cue on the table the long way so that the tip is almost on the spot, and the butt is over the center diamond on the short rail. This should align you perfectly for a straight shot up the table. Now I want you to get into your new perfect stance, and then practice stroking the cue ball straight up the table. Please concentrate on stroking the cue stick in a straight line. This is the important piece here. Developing a straight through stroke is one of the key skills of the game of pool.

See you on the road.

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