The Follow Shot

A Follow Shot is when the cue ball stops momentarily then follows the object ball’s direction upon contact with the object ball. It is normally done by hitting the cue ball above center (see illustrations below). This is a relatively easy shot as long as you don’t hit the cue ball too high which can cause you to miscue.

In order for the cue ball to move forward after hitting the object ball, it needs to have top spin just as the draw shot needs back spin. Upon contact with the object ball, the remaining top or forward spin on the cue ball will cause it to still run forward thus following the object ball. The more speed you put on your stroke the more top spin it will create thus allowing the cue ball to move forward more.

The maximum recommended range for hitting the cue ball is about 1 and 1/2 cue tips above the center of the cue ball. Hitting higher than this usually causes your cue ball to miscue. See illustrations above.

Try experimenting with different speeds when executing a follow shot and see what happens. The follow shot is a relatively easy shot and it doesn’t need as much practice like the draw or even the stop shot.

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