A good grip is an important aspect in the game of pocket billiards. A proper grip allows you to make accurate shots. On the other hand, a bad grip will limit your potential for improvement. Your grip must feel natural to feel right. A good grip combined with a sound stroke allows you to thrust your cue along a straight path. Below are some tips on how to achieve a good grip.

Take a look at the illustrations above. As you can see your grip has to be loose and relaxed. Never tighten your grip, keep it relaxed all the way through your stroke. Try to use two to three fingers to hold your cue stick while using the thumb as support to keep your cue stick from falling off. In the illustrations above, the small finger isn’t even touching the cue.

The next image below shows you that your wrist and your lower arm must be in a straight line straight down. Your wrist must point downward and NOT inward or outward. The reason for this is that if your wrist is pointing inward or outward, it will most likely move sideways as you do your final stroke.

As stated in the previously – your lower arm and wrist must be on the same line pointing downward. The wrist must not be cocked outward or inward if possible. See illustrations below.

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