Pocket Billiards Fundamentals

Learn to develop a proper stance, bridge, stroke, grip, and alignment. They are the basic building blocks that are necessary to proceed to the next level. Practice them diligently.

Be patient and put a lot of effort on each fundamental skill. Remember that each basic mechanical skill presented in this section will serve as the foundation of your game. The stronger your foundation, the better prepared you will become at learning the next stage of your journey to mastery of this sport.

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THE PRE-SHOT ROUTINE Pool & Billiards video demonstration

Pre-shot routine refers to a series of steps that a pool player must undertake prior to executing each and every shot. These steps are necessary to develop correct habits that will improve and promote consistency in your game.

THE POOL STANCE Pool & Billiards video demonstration

Pool players vary when it comes to size, shape and mobility therefore the stance will not be the same for all types of players.
More on the Pool Stance… Pool & Billiards video demonstration

THE POOL GRIP Pool & Billiards video demonstration

A good grip is an important aspect in the game of pocket billiards. A proper grip allows you to make accurate shots.
Read more about the Grip… Pool & Billiards video demonstration

THE BRIDGE Pool & Billiards video demonstration

There are many types of bridges each of which serves it own purpose. However, the main function of the bridge is to lock your cue stick into position to minimize unnecessary sideways movement.
Read more about the Bridge… Pool & Billiards video demonstration

THE POOL STROKE Pool & Billiards video demonstration

There is no question that the stroke is the one of the most important element in the game of pocket billiards, snooker or any cue sport. A smooth, straight stroke is key in pocketing your object balls accurately.
Read more about the Stroke… Pool & Billiards video demonstration

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This document intends a comparison between two differing styles of stance in the game of billiards, the snooker and the side-on stance.
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We are all still working on executing the perfect stroke. I am improving mine lately, thanks to the help of recent instruction. I’ll try to relate the high points of what I was told by instructor Scott Lee.
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