All About Easy Pool Tutor

Back in 2000, I started learning HTML and creating web sites. It was then that I had thought about creating a site with useful content and a topic that I am familiar with and could share valuable information to others. The first thing that came to my mind was pocket billiards. I realized at that time that I wanted to promote this game to the world and what better way to do that than to teach people how to play the game right… for free!


This web site attempts to teach newer players the fundamentals of the game to accelerate the learning process. This site will save newer players a lot of time learning stuff that they will eventually learn through years of experience by giving them an idea of what to do and not do. I am certainly not the most experienced player of this wonderful game but I do have some proficiency with it that I feel I can share with newer players.

Website Information and History

Year: 2000

The first version of this web site was created on June 25, 2000. The HTML coding was done from scratch using UltraEdit text editor. The graphics was made using Paint Shop Pro 6.0.

Year: 2001

The second major revision was created on January 1, 2001. This particular version was done using Dreamweaver 3.0 for HTML coding, Fireworks 3.0, Paint Shop Pro 6.0 and Virtual Pool 3 for graphics.

Year: Late 2002

In the third revision, I have gone back to coding the HTML from scratch using Ultraedit with the graphics done with Paint Shop Pro 6.0.

Year: 2003

In the fourth version, I have added the capability of “skinning” the website, that is, it allows the visitor to view the site in many different look or design. There is an excellent tutorial about skinning a website at I was still coding it from scratch using UltraEdit with graphics done in Paint Shop Pro.

Year: 2004 thru early 2009

The fifth version used a modified version of phpnuke, a content management program written in PHP and uses MySQL database.

Year: Late 2009 thru 2010

In 2009, I decided to use a more advanced and secure content management system called Joomla!

Year: 2012

This latest version, I went back to my roots and used plain HTML coding getting rid of PHP-driven scripts.